Battle of the Bands 2007: Heat 1 - 10/02/07

Tonight was the first night of the East Belfast Protestant Boys ‘Battle of the Bands 2007’ indoor event. To be honest we where worried about the amount of bands that we would attract compared to last years great turnout.

With so many bands having their own indoor events and so many bands only getting involved it seemed that a lot of preparation and date changed would be needed.

Gladly we pulled a big crowd to the recently refurbished Con Club to watch the travelling bands that where on show tonight.

Tonight was also the first introduction of the smoking ban that was enforced by the Con Club; at first this was a shock to many of the punters whom thought we were having a laugh.

It was indeed very funny to see so many people charging in and out to have a smoke and to use the top floor to its full usage, by the end of the night is was taken for granted and a nice smoke free environment was certainly strange but certainly most welcomed!

We did pull a good crowd and I thank everyone whom supported the event there are too many to name but your support means a lot to the bands and the loyalist people of East Belfast.

The first band to kick start the event where the Rising Sons from East Belfast, they played to a very high standard and were indeed have made a massive improvement in the space of a year. They had a full colour party and with their drum and flute solo they looked and sounded very well in their full uniform. Well done to the Rising Sons and lets hope they keep up for the form for the rest of the season.

Below are some photographs of the Rising Sons in action.

Clogher Protestant Boys where second to play and even without a uniform you could tell they had plenty of experience of playing indoor events, they played with 4 side drummers, 13 flutes and 1 bass drummer whom played their full set on his own and the pace never dropped once. Good selection of Blood & thunder tunes and where really playing to a high standard. Well done to the Clogher band for putting on a great show.

Below are some photographs of Clogher Protestant Boys in action.

The last band of this heat where the Blair Memorial band all the way from Omagh; many thanks to them for taking the time to travel all this way in the middle of the off season. This was the bands second time to the Con Club and they played with 5 side drummers, 12 flutes and again with only 1 bass drummer whom got the crowd going with his own wee displays. A good performance from the Blair and I thought they got stronger and stronger as they went on. I know the crowd loved them with their great selection of Blood & Thunder tunes. Many thanks to the Blair for their support of the event.

Below are some photographs of the Blair Memorial in action.

Before the judges decision was announced each band was presented with an engraved mirror of East Belfast Protestant Boys bands badge and their own respective badge with ‘Brothers in Bands’ engraved onto it with our own personal message of the bands 40th Anniversary this year. I could tell all of the 3 bands really where appreciated of this gesture and the expression on their faces where priceless; I hope they find a nice place in their band halls to make use of the mirror.

Ee are please to say that the winners of Heat 1 where…


The results for the bands where:

1st Clogher Protestant Boys
2nd Rising Son
3rd Blair Memorial

Thanks again to the 3 bands and everyone else for supporting us in the start of our Battle of the bands in our 40th Anniversary year for the band. We hope you all enjoyed the night and hopefully will return to support us in the remainder of the nights ahead.

Good luck to Clogher Protestant Boys in the final and lets get ready for next weeks Heat 2.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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