Battle of the Bands 2007: Heat 2 - 17/02/07

Tonight was the second Heat of our Battle of the Bands event and once again this proved to be a great success; the crowds where queuing to get into the Con Club half-an-hour before the doors even opened.

Its great to see that the reputation of this event has achieved and it makes me happy that all the time and effort our band is putting in to make this event work; of course it takes the bands to make the event but a hell of amount of work behind the scenes takes place and I’d like to that all our members for helping out.

First to take to the floor tonight where the mighty Pride of the Raven from East Belfast. The Raven weren’t here tonight to be judged as part of the event as they wanted to play to provide some prior entertainment before the other bands took to the stage.

Well the crowd where treated to a fantastic display as always by the Raven whom played a great selection of tunes to lift the spirits of the waiting crowd and gather band members. We would like to thank the Raven for supporting us in our 40th anniversary. Great to see a great band playing in the Con Club.

Below are some photographs of the Pride of the Raven in action.

Next to take to the floor where the Pride of the Hill from Carnmoney, they looked really well in their white shirts which are certainly more suitable to the heat that generates in these indoor events. They had a big band out with 8 side drummers, 20 fluters and 2 bass drummers. With a good tunes selection and a very good standard of playing so a solid performance from the lads.

Below are some photographs of the Pride of the Hill in action.

The third band to play where the Pride of the Maine from Ballymena; great to see them up to support us, first time in the Con Club and they didn’t fail to impress the huge crowd that packed the venue. Again a good tight performance and the drums and bass drummer kept up a good steady tempo and a goof display by the Maine, great to see in East Belfast and hopefully it will not be the last.

Below are some photographs of the Pride of the Maine in action.

The last band to play where last years winners; Drumaheagles Young Defenders from Ballymoney. They played with 4 side drummers, 13 fluters and a bass drummer. A good solid display by the North Antrim outfit, a first class drum and flute section. They played to a very high standard and they certainly done themselves proud in defending their title. Must add they also played in their full uniform and plenty of brows where wiped at the end of the set as the heat was at its maximum. Many thanks for your support.

Below are some photographs of Drumaheagles Young Defenders in action.

We are please to say that the winners of Heat 2 where…


The results for the bands where:

1st Drumaheagles Young Defenders
2nd Pride of the Maine
3rd Pride of the Hill

Thanks again to the 4 bands and everyone else for supporting us in the start of our Battle of the bands in our 40th Anniversary year for the band. We hope you all enjoyed the night and hopefully will return to support us in the remainder of the nights ahead.

Good luck to Drumaheagles Young Defenders in the final and lets get ready for next weeks Heat 3.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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