Battle of the Bands 2007: Heat 3 - 24/02/07

Tonight was the 3rd Heat of our Battle of the Bands contest and a very large crowd travelled to support us and I must say many thanks to everyone for turning out week by week and abiding by the non-smoking rule which has made a big difference to the hall.

Tonight once again proved to be a great success with great bands, great crowds which where all well welcomed in the new surroundings of the Con Club which I must say has a very warm and homely feel to it and it certainly is a great venue to host an event like this.

First band to play where the Whitewell Defenders from the besieged White City area of North Belfast which is a very small Protestant enclave surrounded by IRA/Sinn Fein. This band has really lifted themselves up by the boots over the past year or so. They have made themselves friends no matter where they go and they played well last night in a tough group.

Thanks for coming and supporting us in our 40th anniversary. They played with 8 side drummers, 16 fluters and two good bass drummers as well there colour party. Well done to the Whitewell Defenders on a solid display.

Below are some photographs of the Whitewell Defenders in action.

Second band to play where the Shankill Star whom I must thank for entering the competition at very short notice and I must say they are vastly improved over the winter months and this was the first time that I have personally seen the band play an indoor event and I though they where very good. A big overall change in this band and they really opened my eyes with their smart uniform and a great routine of flute and drum solos. Once again thanks for supporting us at short notice and they done really well.

The band was made up off 6 side drummers, 15 fluters and a bass drummers whom kept up a steady beat in the over whelming heat. Good performance lads and well done.

Below are some photographs of Shankill Star in action.

Third band to play where our old friends of the band the Pride of Lagan Valley, they are a band that we both do a lot of indoor events for each other and these events suit the band as their style of playing is great to entertain anybody. As per usual they didnít disappoint anyone at all, they looked and played to a high standard and played a lot of jigs and drum solos and once again proved that playing indoors is far difference than the outdoor scene.

Many thanks to the band for supporting us in our 40th anniversary and well done to everyone for a great display.

Below are some photographs of the Pride of Lagan Valley in action.

The last band of the night where the much changed band from Ballymena, the Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster. Again another band that suits the indoor scene as they looked well in uniform and played with 4 side drummers, 16 fluters and 2 great bass drummers and really did put in a good performance, there style of playing suited most of the jiggy and foot taping tunes and without sounding one sided (and Iím trying to be impartial here) I thought that they have played better than any other time I have seen them over the past number of years.

A great playing routine by a band that have also turned themselves around and with performances like this they should be a band well worth watching for the rest of the year. Many thanks for supporting us in our 40 anniversary and well done on a great performance.

Below are some photographs of Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster in action.

We are please to say that the winners of Heat 3 whereÖ


The results for the bands where:

1st Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster
2nd Pride of Lagan Valley
3rd Shankill Star
4th Whitewell Defenders

Well done to Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster as being the winners of the Heat 3 and thus gain a place into the Grand Final on the 17th March.

Tonight I thought that our Battle of the Bands event has really kicked off, great crowds, great band and a great venue plus the fact that everyone coming to support us is made very much welcome and I would like to thank everyone for doing so and helping to make every night at the Con Club a great night out.

Good luck to Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster in the final and lets get ready for next weeks Heat 4.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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