Battle of the Bands 2007: Heat 4 - 03/03/07

The fourth and final head in our Battle of the Bands event took place tonight; this was to see who would fight it out for the last band to go forward into the Grand Final on the 17th March.

Again we where blessed with great crowds that had flocked from all over to support us and once again I canít thank people enough for this in our 40th anniversary year.

First band to play where the ever improving Sons of Ulster from the Shankill Road. They have played in the Con Club before to support us and they didnít seem as nervous as in previous nights.

They played a good routine of tunes to get the crowds going and the drum section in my opinion played very well, bass drummers kept a good steady tempo and the flute section played very well. They are a young band whom will play anywhere and always are welcome in the Con Club. Many thanks for supporting us in our 40th anniversary year.

Below are some photographs of the Sons of Ulster in action.

The second band to play where the Upper Falls Protestant Boys from Suffolk. It was great to see them in the Con Club and they are a band with a big heart. I must comment on their drum section as I reckon this is the youngest drum section I have ever seen at an indoor event, these young lads played great and they certainly held their own, well done to them all as its not easy indoors with the heat and playing in front of a big crowd.

Unfortunately their bass drum skin went in on the very first tune and was quickly changed to another bands bass drum but it didnít put them off from playing their routine of loyalist and up-to-date tunes.

Yes they are a small band with 4 side drummers, 9 fluters but they all played very well and Iím sure if they can build on the very young drummers then they have a very bright future ahead. Many thanks for supporting us in our 40th anniversary year.

Below are some photographs of the Upper Falls Protestant Boys in action.

Monkstown YCV band where the third band to play tonight, they played with 6 side drummers, 16 fluters, 2 bass drummers and a colour party of 2. I must say they looked well in their new uniform that they got last year, they really donít always get the praise they deserve but tonight they looked well and played a very solid routine.

In my opinion a big difference on last year anyone could see they have been working hard learning new tunes and playing them to a high standard, drum and bass drum sections where steady all night and it was a good show from the whole band. Well done to them all and many thanks for supporting us in our 40th anniversary year.

Below are some photographs of Monkstown YCV in action.

Fourth band of the night where the Defenders of the Rock, this band travelled all the way from Lisbellaw in County Fermanagh to support us and it was great to see them in East Belfast again, they played with full colour party, five side drummers, 12 fluters and 2 bass drummers.

I havenít really seen this band at any indoor events so Iím sure it was a great experience for them to play in front of a big crowd in the Con Club. I must say the bands drum section where very tidy with good tempo and the 2 bass drummers putting on a good show to make the crowd smile. On a personal note it was good to see a bass drummer of my age 30 (yea rite) having a good rattle on the drum and he done very well.

I hope the Defenders of the Rock enjoyed their night and I hope they continue to grow and improve for any future events. Many thanks for your support in our 40th anniversary year.

Below are some photographs of the Defenders of the Rock in action.

The last band to play tonight was our old friends from down the coast, Ballyhalbert. They looked great in their new uniform with their white hats that stood out a mile and I must say they looked really interested in the contest.

They have a great drum section, 2 first class bass drummers and a flute section that likes the high scale on tunes and do it very well indeed. They played a great routine of tunes and played a good catchy tune called Holly Ground that might raise a few eyebrows. Yes Ballyhalbert have improved and its not easy playing indoors but tonight Halbert done it very well. Once again many thanks for your support in our 40th anniversary year.

Below are some photographs of Ballyhalbert in action.

We are please to say that the winners of Heat 4 whereÖ


The results for the bands where:

1st Monkstown YCV
2nd Ballyhalbert
3rd Sons of Ulster
4th Upper Falls Protestant Boys
5th Defenders of the Rock

4 weeks have quickly passed since the start of our battle of the bands contest and I would like to thank everyone for supporting us in the bands 40th anniversary year. We have been the first band to impose a no smoking band in the venue, this has been a great success and I thank everyone for your help in abiding by our laws.

One thing I will say that no matter where there is a indoor contest people donít give bands the courtesy of not walking about or running up to the bar and to be honest they are only interested in getting as much drink into them never mind watching/listening to the bands on show, a great shame indeed.

In the Con Club we have tried to change this, slowly but surely this is working, more people are giving the bands the attention they deserve, after all some bands travel a great distance to play in the Con Club, we as a band will do our best to ensure that people give bands that courtesy and make sure the crowds are watching the bands on show and not the bottom of a beer bottle.

We are glad to say that this is slowly working and thanks to the people for helping make this event a great success.

Good luck to Monkstown YCV and the rest of the bands in the Grand Final.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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