Battle of the Bands 2007

BotB HeatsThe East Belfast Protestant Boys are proud to announce an indoor ‘Battle of the Bands 2007’ event that shall take place in the Con Club in East Belfast.

This event shall compromise of at the moment 15 bands battling it out for a place in the Grand Final on Saturday 17th March 2007. To view a full list of the Heat line-ups please click the image to the right.

Due to unforeseen circumstances with the venue the initial week of the event 3rd February has been cancelled. So now the event starts on the 10th February, any bands that where to participate have been notified of their new date.

Places are still available for Heat 1 (10th Feb), Heat 2 (17th Feb) & Heat 3 (24th Feb). If your band would like to participate in any of these Heats then please contact John Keenan via 028 9059 2909.

Each week in the month of February and the start of March a series of Heat’s will take place and the winner shall be in the final.

The Heats start at 7:45PM sharp and then each half hour after the next band shall start their set.

All playing band members will be charged £3.00 entrance and non-playing members & visitors will be charged £5.00 entrance fee. Doors open for the main event at 7:00PM.

This event will be judged by 3 independent judges and all bands shall be playing for 20-minutes of only playing Blood & Thunder tunes.

Bands are not required to wear full uniforms this is up to their own discretion and this also applies to the band can either stand or march whilst playing their set.

Each week a Heat has taken place a report will be available to ready below. Enjoy the competition and enjoy reading the reports.

10th February Battle of the Bands 2007 - Heat 1 Con Club, East Belfast
17th February Battle of the Bands 2007 - Heat 2 Con Club, East Belfast
24th February Battle of the Bands 2007 - Heat 3 Con Club, East Belfast
3rd March Battle of the Bands 2007 - Heat 4 Con Club, East Belfast
17h March Battle of the Bands 2007 - GRAND FINAL Con Club, East Belfast