Here are some photographs and information about the current instruments that the band play with whilst on parade.

Side Drums Side DrumsSide Drums
In the whole history of the band we have never used any other make of drum apart from the Premier range so it was a big decision taken by the band to change to the Pearl range.

Through the years we have tried all kinds of drum heads and drum skins while using the Premier range until we settled with the Andante Cortec head. We have continued using these heads with the Pearls.

It is indeed hard to get a drum sounding well and staying in tune but under the watchfull eye of our current lead tip we have maintained our unique sound with the new drums.

Bass DrumsBass Drums
Both of the bass drums that the band carries are made by Premier, they both are at least twenty-years old.

The drums where painted by William Hewitt of Drums Sounds in Sandy Row, Belfast.

Itís hard these days to get a good sounding bass drum, both of our drums are playing well and we would hate it if we where to lose them.

Bass Skins
Bass SkinThe band has indeed like most bands tried all kinds of bass drums skins, to try and get the sound or effect that all bands these days are having trouble finding.

The various companies are making new skins that have incorporated a new designed double skin. In our opinion they do not suit todayís Blood and Thunder bands, the sound effect is not the same as the old single type skins so we stick to them.

Our current skin designer and painter is also a member of our band.

Please visit Ck Unique Art by clicking Here.

Since the band was formed they have always played wooden flutes usually a two or three piece Miller Brown.

Due to a revamp of equipment a few years ago the band has now changed to an all metal flute made locally by Clifford Rea.

These flutes are high pitched and are played by a lot of Blood and Thunder flute bands today. They are a four key flute with a black mouthpiece.