The MuralAs mentioned in the Band History section of the site there is a painted mural dedicated to the memory of past members of the band.

The mural on the Newtownards Road was painted and designed by a member of the band.

Anyone travelling on the Newtownards Road will easily find it located near the Union Jack Shop.

This is a must see mural in East Belfast. The mural is well and truly a brilliant piece of art, this mural takes up a full gable wall.

The mural displays the flags of both the Ulster Volunteer Force and Young Citizens Volunteers with the crest of the band in the middle.

Placed either side of the mural are two plaques dedicated to band members who unfortunately are no longer with and to all Ulster Volunteers who paid the supreme price.

A PlaqueA PlaqueThe names of the band members no longer with us are John Boyd, Richard Cowan and Steven Hamill.

The band itself always lays wreaths at the mural on the first day of July and on Remembrance Sunday of each year in memory of these past members; this is something that is very special to the present members of the band.

We will always strive to keep this tradition going and to maintain the mural to their memory.

Finally there is a message quoted next the mural which is something that the band also tries to live up to, not only in our music but for our culture, the message reads:

The Mural Message