Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster F.B Annual Parade - 20/05/06

Tullsghans Sons of LibertyCrumlin Young LoyalistsThe band travelled to the annual parade held by Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster and due to the media speculation over recent events in Ballymena everyone expected this parade to be cancelled but the host band decided to allow the event to take place.

A good number of bands attended this parade around the 40 plus mark so a very good turnout although I expected more bands from the so called North-South divide i.e. County Down & Armagh to of been in attendance.

This was due to Ballykeel have themselves in recent parades attended a good number of band parades down here and I though the response by bands was not good enough for a parade that was under pressure from many different people and organisations.

Pride of the Park, AmoyRandalstown Sons of UlsterMore support for this parade I felt would have been greatly appreciated by the Loyalist community who are under pressure from local media and the well run republican propaganda machine.

Well done to Ballykeel band for pulling this off as other bands might have bowed down to the pressure but they went ahead with the parade and the marshals and band members ensured that the parade was a great success on the night.

Bands that I seen on the night where Mourne Young Defenders, Sons of Ulster, Pride of the Hill, Drumaheagles, Freeman Memorial and many others all playing to high standards in front of good crowds.

On the night our own band played to a high standard and a good turnout of members attending parades is starting to help us enjoy a good marching season.

The band walked with 15 side drummers, 28 fluters, 2 bass drummers, 3 cymbal boys, colour party of 3, one marshal and a drum major.

Below are a selection of photographs and video clips of the band in action.

Colour Party Drum Corps Flute Corps Colour Party Drum Corps Flute Corps

Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3, Clip 4, Clip 5, Clip 6, Clip 7, Clip 8, Clip 9 & Clip 10

Sir George White MemorialStranocumOnce again well done to Ballykeel Loyal Sons of Ulster for inviting us to Ballymena for your parade.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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