Kinallen F.B Annual Parade & Competition - 26/05/06

Portadown DefendersCrossgar Young DefendersThe band travelled to the County Down village of Dromore for the host bands annual parade and competition and I must say it was a great night for the parade and this brought out the crowds in force and they lined the square of the village where all the burger vans and loyalist merchandise stalls setup for the nights business.

First band that I seen where the Portadown Defenders whom where playing very well as they started off also starting up where the melody band Ballylesson Old Boys and its good to see their numbers growing and where in top form as per usual.

Goldsprings True DefendersI just managed to catch a glimpse of the mighty Bessbrook True Blues heading off and where playing well I must say they are a band that I really do have a soft spot for and I like their style of play.

The best band that I saw before we started up was the Pride of the Hill from Rathfriland, they are good solid fluting and the drums where crisp as anything, yes the Hill are on the up again and its great to see as they are one of the best bands on the road and are a firm favourite with all people related to the band scene.

During our route of the parade I seen Downshire and Lambeg both bands where giving it plenty as the bands passed or waited to pass each other on the narrow streets.

On the way back I just got a wee look at Drumderg Loyalists whom where playing well as were Kilcluney as we passed them, we even got to see them twice as we had to stop for a minor repair to our bass drum prior to us heading back into the square part of the town.

Red Hand Defenders, PortavogieThe noise in the square is awesome and with around 4 bands at a time playing in the square it certainly can be very deafening as the bands are almost colliding with each other whilst waiting on bands to finish their sets.

After a bit of a disruptive week for the band regarding things inside the band and a lot of members thinking we had a free weekend off I was overjoyed at the turnout of 17 side drummers, 28 fluters, 2 bass drummers, colour party of 5, 4 cymbal boys and a drum major so a big thank you to everyone for coming out at short notice.

On the night I personally though that out performance was brilliant, pardon for blowing my own trumpet for the band but I am really pleased at how the new tunes are being played and indeed the band are really improving on playing the tunes on the road.

Below are a selection of photographs and video clips of the band in action.

Colour Party Drum Corps Lead Tip Bass Drummers & Cymbal Boys Flute Corps Flute Corps

Clip 1, Clip 2, Clip 3, Clip 4, Clip 5, Clip 6, Clip 7 & Clip 8

Armagh True BluesThe band where presented with the following awards during last nights parade competition results:

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I can see our biggest challenge of the year being to keep our standards at a very high level, other bands are looking good these days and itís a very competitive band scene which in my eyes is brilliant and it hasnít been like this in a long time so I hope this lasts.

Lots of bands have greatly improved over the winter months and itís great to hear good comments about all the bands from the watching public and indeed from other bandsmen and women.

South Down DUPI always seem to notice in these big crowds that young men and women are watching parades with their blue bag of drink and acting the wag and I think they should instead of being a wino that they should think about joining their local band and get more hands on approach to our heritage and culture and get marching instead of drinking.

Overall it was a good night for the band with over 40 bands in attendance and tonight the judging must have been hard one to call but of course their decision is final and everyone has to accept this.

Good band, good parade and a good night indeed, well done to the host band and all the best for the rest of the season ahead.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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