UVF Regimental Band Annual Parade & Competition - 10/06/06

UVF Regimental BandToday we met at the My Ladyís Inn bar on the same road to attend this local parade for us, this parade is run jointly by the the UVF band and the local battalion.

This parade for a number of reasons is held in high esteem by us as a band at it is held for both the men whom fought in all the great wars and also for the local men as volunteers whom fought and died fighting IRA and their cohorts.

This parade will always be well supported by the loyalist people of East Belfast, and the weather is usually good and a variety of bands from all over Ulster and Scotland usually make the trip to attend.

Bands like the Mourne Young Defenders, Dunloy, Brunswick, Pride of Ballinran, South Belfast Young Conquers, Shankill Protestant Boys, Newtownards Volunteers, Fifes & Drums to name but a few of the 30 or so regulars to this parade. A great collection of some of the best bands on the road and itís a great parade to watch.

Below are a selection of photographs of the band in action.

Colour Party & Drum Major Drum Major & Drum Corps Drum Corps Drum Corps Bass Drummer Flute Corps

Massed Colour PartyIt was a very, very hot day for the parade and this brought out the crowds in force and in places it was hard to see how many where watching as they massed from every vantage point available to see the parade.

This was a great turnout by the loyalist people of East Belfast to show their support for the parade and this is why Iím proud of my area as everyone does chip in when times are needed to show that our culture is here and it shall never be shoved under the carpet.

On a sadder note I did see a young boy fall over and land on a broken beer bottle by the side of the road, I trust that the boy in questions ok and hope he makes a speedy recovery, but with a day like this canít blame people having a few drinks but Iíd expect them to through their rubbish into bins rather than on the pavement.

A good parade in the East and its always a pleasure to do and the East Belfast Protestant Boys will without hesitation be there on this great day.

For God and Ulster!

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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