Laganside Cultural Society Mural Dedication - 30/06/06

Mural Location MapThe band was asked to play at the opening of the new mural painted and designed by this small loyalist group which has done great work in the lower Woodstock and Ravenhill area.

This mural has all the insignia of every unit contracted to the 36th Ulster Division and anyone travelling to East Belfast should take a few moments to visit this beautiful work of art, the mural is situated at the corner of Canada Street off my Lady’s Road. Please click the map to show mural location.

Well done to everyone involved in this project and I must say its certainly paid off and I’m a very big fan of this mural and shall be recommending everyone to have a look at the artwork.

We parade a short distance to this mural where a large crowd had gathered to the opening of the mural, the minister held a short service and then the MLA Michael Copeland gave a short speech on the 36th Division and the events around the time of the Somme.

It was great to see so many young people paying great attention to what was being said as you usually find that the younger generation don’t pay much attention to events like this but maybe due to the nature of the event it was more interesting for the youth of today to hear what our forefathers had done those 90-years ago.

It was indeed a great honour to be asked to play at this event and I am sure I speak for our whole band by giving this thanks and also to thank for the hospitality shown after the event in the local hall, everyone really enjoyed themselves and many might be surprised at this short event but with all the other activities it was well worth attending.

We where also pleased with listening to the Albertbridge Accordion band whom where also asked to play a few tunes and they got the crowd in the mood by playing many of the favourite loyalist songs and many people where singing along with them etc.

Tonight we paraded with 11 side drummers, 28 fluters, 3 cymbal boys, and 1 drum major and for the very first time we had a colour party off 8 on show. So many thanks to the band members for taking the time to help out with the nights events.

Below are some daylight photographs of the mural.

Colour Party Drum Major & Drum Corps Drum Corps

The night finished with our national anthem of ‘God Save the Queen’ and a great applause was given by everyone in attendance for the nights work by the society and the bandsmen and women.

Many thanks to the Laganside Cultural Society for the great night we had and many luck with future projects.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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