Rising Sons F.B Annual Parade & Competition - 19/08/06

Ballymoughan Purple Guards Drum MajorSons of the SommeThe band attend this for us is a local parade in our own backyard of East Belfast, we all met at the Raven Club in Castlereagh Street which is the star and finish route of the parade.

Fantastic weather on the day and it was a great change from last nights weather for the band; many members jackets where still soaking from the downpour in Rasharkin!

It was good to see the Sons of the Somme from Scotland attending the parade followed by Monkstown YCV to start the parade off.

We where all taken by surprise today when a new band turned up from Londonderry; the Williamites Defenders whom had a lady bass drummer so all you big beef bass drummers look over your shoulders as it looks like the ladies are taking over!!!

Ulster First FluteWhitewell DefendersAround 24 bands attended this parade and the like of the UVF Regimental Band, Pride of the Raven, Ballymacarrett Defenders all going for the melody prizes and all playing well and also they are all East Belfast bands too.

The Blood & Thunder bands turned out in force and all played really well and the spectators got to see bands like the Newtownards Volunteer Flute, Sons of Ulster from the Shankill Road, Crimson Star, Steeple Defenders, Lower Woodstock Loyalists, Freeman Memorial, Ballymoughan Purple Guards to name but a few of the many bands in attendance, plenty of B&T to entertain the good sized crowds at the starting point.

Today we walked with 14 side drummers, 24 fluters, colour party of 9, 2 bass drummers, 4 cymbal boys and a drum major.

Below are a selection of photographs and video clips of the band in action.

Colour Party Drum Major Drum Corps Drum Corps Flute Corps Flute Corps

NVFCharles Watson MemorialThe band where presented with the following awards during lthe parade competition results:
                1st Blood and Thunder Band
                1st Blood and Thunder Drum Corps
                1st Blood and Thunder Bass Drum
                1st Style and Appearance
                1st Colour Party
                1st Junior Drum Major
                1st Best Overall Band

To be honest there where fair crowds out watching the parade on this busy shopping afternoon on Saturday as they snaked there way around East Belfast.
Williamites Defenders
There are not enough parades in the East these days considering the size of the area and the amount of bands it is very surprising but we hope that more bands hold annual parades and spread them over the season so there’s at least one a month.

Well done to the Rising Sons on a very successful parade.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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