Castlederg Young Loyalists F.B. Annual Parade - 16/09/06

For the first time the band travelled the long journey to Castlederg to support the local bands annual parade.

This is a long bus journey at the tail end of the season for us but as they took the time and effort to support our parade it was just fair that we do likewise.

We arrived in Castlederg in plenty of time and this is very surprising for you all to read but its true HONEST!

There where great crowds in the centre of the town and for being the first time here we didnít know what to expect and Iím very glad to say that we were not disappointed as we all enjoyed the visit to the Derg.

The crowds where treated to some of the best bands from Ulster playing fantastically on this fine evening; bands like Mourne, Ballinran, Downshire, Pride of the Hill, South Fermanagh to name but a few of the 39 bands in attendance.

Castlederg was buzzing to the noise of the drums and flutes of everyone in participation and I hope that all the loyalist people of Castlederg enjoyed our music that was provided.

Whilst we where repairing a busted bass drum skin we got to see the impressive Freeman Memorial from Coleraine and also the Crimson Star from our own East Belfast; it was great to see them travel so far for this parade and they have to be congratulated.

Mourne Young Defenders where up to their usual high standards and impressed me greatly as where all the bands on display in these tight streets and thus creating a fantastic amount of volume of noise.

The night seemed to pass very quickly and before we knew it we were back on the bus for the long journey home.

Many thanks to Castlederg Young Loyalists band and the local people for their very kind hospitality.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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