Crimson Star F.B. Annual Parade - 23/09/06

The band travelled to the Woodstock Road in East Belfast to attend the host bands parade. I was hoping that they would get a half decent turnout as they have had a very hard year regarding band membership etc and the nearly folded prior to the 12th July parade.

I am glad to say that they are coming through this rough path well and now are stronger than ever and credit is due to all the members for their commitment to the band.

Around 10 bands came to this event and the bands that did turn up all deserve a mention: Castlederg Young Loyalists, Rising Sons, Crawford Memorial, Ballymacarret Defenders, Pride of the Raven, UVF Regimental Band, South Belfast Young Conquers, Upper Falls Protestant Boys and the Whiteabbey Protestant Boys.

So anyone can see that the parade may have been small but the calibre of the bands on show where good, Castlederg Young Loyalists too the effort to travel all the way down to this Saturday afternoon parade and bands that only live around the local area gave the whole event a miss!

Totally unreal! Maybe it was that time of year or whatever some bands feeble excuses are but I really did feel that the Crimson deserved a lot better than this turnout.

Castlederg also must be given credit as they walked with 3 side drummers and only 6 fluters; this dedication has to be admired lads and it was great to see, as many bands including my own wouldn’t of done it with those numbers but the CYL deserve a credit pat on the back for doing so.

UVF band, Pride of the Raven and the Ballymacarret where all playing to a very high standard and I wouldn’t of liked to been the judge for the melody section as all 3 are some of the best bands on the road.

Rising Sons where playing well as where the Pass band looking and playing well in their new uniform.

Today was great weather for the parade and a fair size of spectators gathered around the Cosy Bar on a hot day to encourage the bands.

Today our own band walked with 9 side drummers, 17 fluters, 4 cymbal boys colour party of 3, bass drummer and a drum major. Yes this was a small band for us but we had more than 25 members in Liverpool for a stag weekend.

The band where presented with the following awards during lthe parade competition results:
                1st Blood and Thunder Band
                1st Blood and Thunder Bass Drum
                1st Blood and Thunder Drum Corps
                1st Blood and Thunder Drum Major
                1st Style and Appearance
                1st Best Overall Band

We done alright with these key band members missing and the judges seem to like what they saw and heard as we where awarded with a lot of first prizes and being the best overall band today.

Thanks to the Crimson Star for a well run parade and we hope your bands get over the bad spell and continue to thrive in East Belfast.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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