Monkstown YCV F.B Battle of the Bands Heat 2 - 16/03/07

The band travel to the Monkstown Club for the Monkstown YCVís Battle of the Bands heat stage; I must say the club looks very well and we where certainly made welcome by all the locals.

There was a good crowd inside the club and the hall gave out a good sound that would certainly make it a pleasant evening for listening to all the bands.

First up to play where our old friends Clogher Protestant Boys, still waiting on their new uniform and played a great indoor set, side and bass drum sounding fantastic. Their timing was perfect although they didnít have a big turnout of fluters however their certainly done very well and played as well as I have ever seen them indoors.

We where the next band to take the floor, tonight we played with 6 side drummers, 17 fluters and a bass drummer. This was our first indoor for a while and tonight I felt we blew the cobwebs away, a good all round display.

Side and bass drum played as good as ever and I have to mention our bass drummer whom knocked the lights out during the set in the Monkstown Club with the vibrations! It was very hard to keep a straight face whilst the DJ worked out what happened but it was very funny indeed, Iím sure theyíll get the bulbs screwed back in ok!

Our fluters tonight where very solid and I was very pleased as we had lost a lot of members on a social weekend away to the mainland, very pleased with all the members tonight and many thanks for coming and supporting this event.

Below are a selection of photographs of the band in action.

Drum Corps Bass Drummer Flute Corps

The last band of the evening where the Pioneers from Lurgan, unfortunately the Steeple Defenders where due to play tonight but due to unforeseen circumstances they where unable to attend.

This was the first time I have ever seen the Pioneers at an indoor event and I must say they looked very well marching in with a colour party of 2, 11 fluters, 4 side drummers and a bass drummer. They played a good selection of tunes wand looked well in their shirts, fro me shirts ate a must for indoors as the heat is always a problem, good to see the Pioneers supporting the event.

We are pleased to announce that we where the winners of this heat and progress forward to the Grand Final on the 20th April 2007. Many thanks to Monkstown for a well run event and for their hospitality on the evening.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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