Monkstown YCV F.B Battle of the Bands Grand Final - 20/04/07

The band travelled to Monkstown to play in the Grand Final of their indoor event, this was the first indoor contest held in Monkstown and it proved to be huge success and we are pleased for the host band.

The bands had all progressed to the final having come through the heat stages. With good crowds in the Monkstown Club generating a lot of heat which all bandsmen love to play inÖNOT!

It was great to see Monkstown YCV getting great support from the locals and indeed the travelling spectators with the bands and everyone seemed to have a great time.

First band to take to the floor where Sons of Ulster from the Shankill Road, unfortunately we didnít arrive in time to see the full set but from reports of the night they seemed to play to their usual high standard, well done to the Sons of Ulster.

We where the second band on the floor so we didnít have much time to prepare but we brought 6 side drummers, 18 fluters and a bass drummer. With the heat expected we wore our shirts again and they proved to be great as the heat in the club increased by every minute!

We played a straight forward routine and once again our own bass drummer played to a great standard by himself. It is impossible for the rest of the band not to be lifted when playing with a first class bass drummer and we are blest to have a few of them in the band. I really have to take my hat of to them all.

Overall I reckon we played well even if I sound a bit favourable to ourselves but it seems all our hard work over the winter is coming good.

Third band of the night where Ballysillan Volunteers; they had a young band and they put on a good routine, must say they done very well and surprised me as I havenít heard them play indoor before. Well done lads and keep up the good work.

Forth band of the event where Pride of the Hill from Carnmoney; I have seen them play a few times and they improve every time and they played with a big band and looked and sounded very well. They plated a good routine of tunes and they have a couple of first class bass drummers. Well done ladís great show.

Fifth and final band where the vastly improved Shankill Star, they must have been hot as hell in their full uniform with the ever increasing heat but they out in a first class performance routine of full drum solos and good selection of tunes, very impressed by them. Well done to the Shankill Star.

The judges announced that the winner of the Monkstown YCV Battle of the Bands event 2007 whereÖ.


We where delighted to be made champions and with a prize of £500 and the first winners of the Billy Greer Memorial trophy we where greatly honoured.

Thanks to Monkstown for great nights out in the Monkstown Club and all the best for the rest of the season.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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