Mourne Young Defenders, Kilkeel - 01-08-08

The band travelled to Kilkeel to support the Might Mourne on a damp night on the south coast of Ulster. Gladly we missed most of the heavy rain on route to the parade as we arrived in the town the rain had some what stopped.

The Mourne parade is always a really good night; with thousands lining the streets itís a great family night all for all ages; with plenty of burgers and stalls itís a real feel good evening and always adds up to a good evening.

I managed to catch a few bands while waiting to parade; bands like the Downshire Guiding Star, Craigavon Protestant Boys whom where small but playing very well. Sons of Ulster Shankill Road where also playing to a high standard; Drumderg Loyalists playing well to the packed Main Street with spectators where the majority of the them gather to watch the bands leaving and returning to the car park.

I saw the tail end of the South Fermanagh Loyalists outing again they where in small numbers but really playing well big well done to Castlederg Loyalists whom walked with 6 flutes and 3 side drummers, true dedication on a high scale, when my own band complain about a low turnout of members this is what supporting ones own band is all about.

Our own band walked with 16 side drummers, 25 flute corps, 2 bass drummers and a colour party of 4. So if you compare that to Castlederg it shows the big difference in numbers; once again true dedication from the CYL.

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We played good in parts tonight and didnít really do anything difference it was that sort of night, damp and hard to get excited. We must of have done something right as the judges on the night awarded us first Blood & Thunder in Flute and Bass Drum plus a number of seconds and thirds.

Well done to the Mourne on a great family night out, good cross section of Melody and Blood & Thunder bands and a few top Accordion bands for good measure.

Well done again to the Mighty Mourne.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman

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