Protestant Boys, East Belfast Fundraiser - 13/04/09

Tonight the band held a small fundraising event in the Conn Club, East Belfast. Our special guests tonight was none other than the City of Belfast Fifes and Drums. We have had a great relationship with this band and after attending a fundraiser for them not so long ago they returned the favour without question.

They deserve a special mention. No longer than 2 years ago this band was on its knees. Lack of members had a real hold on the Fifes and Drums, so much so they could not walk the 12th July parade in 2007. The shocker, they picked up best band on the very same parade a year later. An amazing feet to achieve in the space of a year.

On the night they had alot of new members, they conducted themselves brilliantly and performed a great set.

Below are some clips of the Fifes and Drums on the night.


A big thank you for supporting us. Hands across the bridge.

East Belfast Protestant Boys