Sydenham Blues and Royals sash bash - 26/09/09

As every band will know its hard to tell some young members the band isnt out. Along with alot of older members they want to be out every night of the week.

At very short notice it was decided to form an under 21s (with the exception of 2 older members) band to play at the Sydenham Blues and Royals Sash bash. With litteraly a couple of hours notice the young guys in the band had organised enough members to play. It was brilliant to see them all taking charge.

I caught the tail end of the Lower Woodstock Ulster Scots set, they are a credit to East Belfast. Well done to all involved. Unfortunatley i didnt get to see or hear any other bands playing on the night.

Here is clips of the band in action: (sorry about the poor quality)
CLIP 1 - CLIP 2 - CLIP 3

Our own band attended with 2 of a colour party, 6 drummers, 1 bass drummer and 11 flautists. Well done to the under 21s, it was evident tonight that the Protestant Boys East Belfast have a great future thanks to you.

Well done to the Blues and Royals.

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