Brian Robinson Memorial Parade - 05/09/09

Today was the 20th anniversary for Brian and his family, hard to believe. 20 years since his death, this parade has now grown to be one of the biggest in the Loyalist marching scene.

The amount of Scottish bands is brilliant, at least 35 on parade along with 3 Liverpool bands. The ranks swelled with Association bands and others.

Young Calvay Volunteers, Greengairs Thistle, New Stevenson, Jimmy Steel memorial, Larkhall, Cambsuslang Volunteers, Sons of the Somme, Lily of the valley, Highfield Loyalists, and Heroes of the Somme. Just a few of the many bands on parade on a very warm day. The parade made its way around the back streets of the Shankill, right round past the back of the old Courthouse on the Crumlin road before heading back up the full length of the Shankill road to finish at the Liverpool club. Yes a few stops but it is a small price to pay for Brians memory.

The local bands all out in force. The Shankill Protestant Boys leading the parade along with Brians lodge and visiting brethren. Shankill Star, Whiterock, Shankill road defenders, West Belfast Volunteers, SOU Shankill along with the newly formed Young Conway Volunteers band all on top form. Others included the UVF Regimental band, Rising Sons East Belfast and the Ballybeen young Loyalists who looked well in their replica YCV Uniforms. Also the Cloughfern Young Conquerors, Blues & Royals, Pride of Whitehill, Newtownards Protestant Boys, South Fermanagh Loyalists, City of Belfast Fifes and drums with many more. It was indeed a great turnout and the crowds that lined the route were ten in depth at certain places.

Below are a selection of photographs of the band in action.

Colour Party Colour Party Drum corp Drum corp Bass drum Flute corp Flute corp Flute corp

Here is clips of the band in action:
CLIP 1 - CLIP 2 - CLIP 3 - CLIP 4 - CLIP 5 - CLIP 6 - CLIP 7 - CLIP 8 - CLIP 9 - CLIP 10

This parade is very much one of the leading parades in the 36th RBA calender and with this year being the anniversary everyone seemed to make a big effort to attend. There is nothing better than 60-70 of the best marching bands in the country on display.

Our own band paraded with 8 of a colour party, 18 drummers, 3 bass drummers, 31 flautists and marshalls. A very good turnout today. It was a great day to parade in the memory of a well thought of person, Brian Robinson.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman