City of Belfast Fifes and Drums memorial Parade - 20/06/09

Great to see our friends on the Shore road getting a decent turnout of bands, 36 in total, not bad at all. The parade started in good time and was well under way by 19:00. Good to see the Craigneuk True Defenders over for this parade, great supporters of the Shore road people over the years, well done lads.

Bands turned out well tonight. Silver plains, Ballykeel, Drumaheagles, Ulster Grenadiers, Shankill Protestant Boys, Shankill Star, Armagh True Blues, Rising Sons, UVF Regimental, Monkstown YCV, Mj. Crawford memorial, Clyde Valley, Pride of Knockmore and many many more on parade to support the Mount Vernon and Shore road people.

The parade started on the Shore road and headed up into the Mount Vernon estate to lay wreaths at the memorial garden. Local people seemed more than pleased to see so many bands out.

I enjoyed the parade, but in my opinion think it would better to finish at the Memorial garden as many bands had to head of to other parades, its a busy time.

Below are a selection of photographs of the band in action.

Drum Corps Colour

Here is a clip of the band in action:

Our own turnout tonight was 7 of a Colour Party, 11 drummers, 2 bass drummers, 24 flautists and marshalls. Not bad with so much things on elsewhere this weekend. We played not to bad. Busting our 2nd bass drum skin on the day, always upsets the rythem and it took a while to get a spare skin. Big thanks to the Shankill Star for theirs.

This parade finished for us on a high, 3 parades this weekend sorted out a few things and our members responded in good fashion.

Well done to the City of Belfast Fifes and drums for a great parade and helping to restore a bit of pride back into the 3rd Battalion parade.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman