South Down Defenders Parade - 28/08/09

The band made the long journey to Newry for the 2nd time this year to support the host band, the South Down Defenders on the night before Black Saturday. I am told a total of 52 bands turned up, a great number for this time of year.

I managed to see the old boys out tonight in the new Royal blue shirts and playing very well. I also seen the Tamlaghtmore Tigers flute band from Ardboe up tonight which was great to see. I caught sight of the South Fermanagh Loyalists playing on top form as well.

All the big guns out tonight. Clogher Protestant Boys, Pride of the Hill Rathfriland, Kilcluney Volunteers and Drumderg Loyalists. Again great to see smaller bands out in force tonight to.

Here is a clip of the band in action:

Tonight we were awarded:
1st Drum corps
2nd Blood and Thunder

Tonight we paraded with 5 of a colour party, 12 drummers, 2 bass drummers, 28 flautists and marshalls. We played ok but the short route just didnt appeal to me. The parade unfortunatley was over in no time at all. But well done to South Down Defenders none the less. As i said, brilliant turnout for this time of year!

Well done to South Down Defenders

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman