Sons of Ulster Newtownards Battle of the bands - 06/11/09

It was a bit strange for us attending this indoor as we haven't attended one in a while and to be honest, it was a welcomed change.

It was a last minute decision to attend. It took place in the Queens Hall, a good spot with a large crowd in attendance.

First up was the Newtownards Volunteer Flute. I just managed to catch the last 2 tunes of their set. Good sized band out with their bass drummers going well and a good tune selection.

The next band up was ourselves. It felt good to get up on the stage. It was a good experience for our younger lads which was for some of them, their first indoor with us. We added a few new tunes to our playlist including Minstral Boy and Sapper Hill which seemed to go down well. We were pleased with the bands performance.

Here is clips of the band in action:

The 3rd band up was the Newtownards Protestant Boys. I was very surprised with them. Everything they played was first class with a young drummer in good form. They looked very neat and tidy with a good performance on the night.

Next up was the Lower Woodstock Ulster Scots. A very good band indoors, it suits them. They played very well. A few more flutters to boost their numbers and they would be the "ticket". A breath of fresh air in the band scene these past 2 years.

Last but not least was the Pride of Donaghadee. A good old fashioned type band. Fluters were playing a good selection of party tunes to give the crowd a wee lift. Well done guys.

The results were as follows:
Winner - East Belfast Protestant Boys

Tonight we attended with 7 drummers, 1 bass drummer and 20 flautists.

Well done to the SOU Newtownards.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman