Sons of Kai Battle of the bands final - 26/02/10

We headed across town to attend the hosts Battle of the bands final.

We were in the same group as the Shankill Star, Pride of the Shore, Gertrude Star and the Pride of the Maine.

Shankill Star were the first to take the floor and were the band of the night for me personally. Alot of work goes into their drum corp which shows. It is very up lifting to see because they are such a young drum corp, i think all below the age of 21. A faultless performance from what i seen and they certainly set the standard for the night.

We were the second band on. Its hard to judge from within but judging by the feedback we played a solid set. We opened with an older tune named Gunrunners and finished with our newest tune played for the very first time outside the hall called Royal Irish. It went down really well with the crowd.

Below are a selection of photographs of the band in action.

Drum corp Bass drum Flute corp

Here is clips of the band in action:
CLIP 1 - CLIP 2 - CLIP 3

Pride of the Shore were on after us. Adam is a cracking bass drummer and is definitely going to be one of the top bass drummers in the country if he keeps at it. Very solid performance from the Shore Road lads.

Next up was the Gertrude Star. I personally expected alot more from them, not performance wise but set wise. Thats not taking away from their performance though. Its impossible to overlook the improvement of the band over these past few seasons.

Last but not least was the Pride of the Maine who were seen as the underdogs as such, naively so. Their drumming can be dated at times but their flutters are top notch. A lovley sound carried all over the hall with their flute solo.

The results are as follows:
2nd - East Belfast Protestant Boys

We attended tonight with 8 drummers, 2 bass drummers, 1 cymbal player and 22 flautists.

Well done to the Sons of Kai fb on a very well organised Battle of the bands.

East Belfast Protestant Boys