Sons of Kai Battle of the bands - 29/01/10

We headed across town to attend the hosts Battle of the bands contest.

We were in the same group as the Pride of the hill Carnmoney, Steeple Defenders and Tamlaghtmore Tigers. A steady crowd drifted in which filled the place quite quickly. The Alpha always attracts a large crowd at band events.

We were the first band on. We played an older routine made up of some older tunes such as Dollys Brae/Copeland road and Auld Orange Orange flute mixed in with a couple of newer tunes. It was hard for me to judge our display but anything we played was up to scratch. We were very pleased with our performance.

Below are a selection of photographs of the band in action.

Drum corp Bass drum Flute corp

Here is clips of the band in action:
CLIP 1 - CLIP 2 - CLIP 3 - CLIP 4 - CLIP 5

Pride of the Hill were on after us. They played with 4 drummers and 12 flautists. It was interesting to see them trying a new style and a some what quicker pace than their usual. With time and effort it will be for the better.

Steeple Defenders up next. Just like POTH it was really interesting to see how the band has progressed over the winter months. I spoke with a member before their set and he had said a bit of swapping and changing had to take place to attend, you wouldnt have noticed. Well done guys.

Last but not least was the Tamlaghtmore Tigers. Unfortunatley i didnt see their whole set but from what i seen it was worth a watch and hoped i had of stayed. Alot of female flautists in the ranks which is good to see.

The results are as follows:
1st - East Belfast Protestant Boys

We attended tonight with 7 drummers, 1 bass drummers and 16 flautists.

Well done to the Sons of Kai fb on a good night.

East Belfast Protestant Boys