Drumderg Loyalists Parade - 18/06/10

Tonight we travelled the long journey to support Drumderg Loyalists, one of the most respected bands that hails from South Armagh.

To be honest i dont know how many years we have attended this parade but i am glad we do.

Alot of bands have over the years tried this parade and simply didnt return for a number of reasons, but not the right one. Its a long trip, short route in a country lane with very little crowds. But this parades location is very significant. It is a 99% Republican area known over the world as "banddit country" because of local militant Republicans. Fair play to Paul and Drumderg for standing their ground in a place they are very entitled to be in.

Drumderg themselves travel far and wide and its fitting that no less than 40 bands attended this year to support them. Looking back its probably a hell of a shock for any band doing it for the first time. It is indeed a # shock to "townies" that arent used to this side of the country.

Tonight we were awarded:
2nd B+T Drum Major
3rd Lead tip
1st B+T Bass Drum
1st B&T Drum Corps
1st B&T flute corps
1st Large Blood and Thunder
3rd Entertaining Band
1st Best Overall

Tonight our band paraded with 7 of a colour party, 1 drum major, 13 drummers, 2 bass drummers, 25 flautists and marshalls. I felt tonight that we played with alot of east. We tried some new tunes and done our best to entertain. Sorry i cannot mention any other bands other than the youngsters in the Drumderg band because we arrived late. First class cooking from the Drumderg ladies at the finish of the route, well done and thanks.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman