Kicluney Volunteers Parade - 4/06/10

This parade for the past number of years has been the largest band compeitions in the United Kingdom. Nearly 100 bands attended this year, a truley brilliant turnout of bass, accordian, silver and flute bands.

On the night around 15 thousand people were treated to the best bands from across the country, all entertaining to a high standard. From early on bands arrived early to parade around the well packed route. It was good to see the Everton Road Protestant Boys all the way over from Liverpool. Bands such as the Clogher Protestant Boys, Downshire Guiding Star, Drumderg Loyalists, SBYC, Lambeg Orange and Blue and the Craigavon Protesant Boys. Loads of bands attended that many dont see week in week out in the competition circuit.

Below are a selection of photographs of the band in action.

Colour party Colour Party Drum corp
Drum corp Bass drum Flute Corp

Here is clips of the band in action:
CLIP 1 - CLIP 2 - CLIP 3 - CLIP 4 - CLIP 5 - CLIP 6 - CLIP 7 - CLIP 8 - CLIP 9 - CLIP 10 - CLIP 11 - CLIP 12 - CLIP 13 - CLIP 14

Tonight we were awarded:
1st Blood and Thunder
1st Style and Appearance
1st Blood and Thunder Bass drum
3rd Blood and Thunder drum corp
2nd Marching and Dicipline
2nd Jnr Drum Major
3rd Colour Party
1st Overall

Our own band paraded tonight with 8 of a colour party, 2 drum majors, 17 drummers, 33 flautists and marshalls.

This parade has always been on our "to do" list and for years we have done well at it. We have won it many times over the years and tonight our band was in good spirits. We had our new drums on show for the very first time, a new set of Pearls. To be awarded not only Blood and Thunder but overall on a night with almost 100 bands in attendence is very pleasing to us and it topped of an unforgetable night.

skin skiny

The parade tonight had everything, good crowds, loads of bands and great weather. Once again the bandsmen and women can take a bow for the turnout tonight, which is down to the host bands efforts.

Well done to them and thanks for the invite.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman