Shankill Star Parade - 16/07/10

We thought the parade would be a headache to get a decent turnout from the band so soon after the 12th of July, not only for ourselves but most bands. I think was a bit to close but we got a decent turnout and the parade pulled 30 bands on the night which was a good turnout for this time of year.

Most bands down in numbers to support the much travelled Shankill star. The parade route wasnt to bad. Crownds down in numbers but to be expected at this holiday time.

I did see a few bands tonight. Rising sons and the Kai from Rathcoole going well. The Ulster Grenadiers were in good tune as were the Newtownards Volunteer flute who were keeping it lit as our bus went up the Shankill Road. South Belfast Young Conquerors playing to a high tempo and the Pride of the Shore also going well.

Below is a selection of photographs of the band in action.

Colour party Drum corp Bass drum

Here is clips of the band in action:
CLIP 1 - CLIP 2 - CLIP 3 - CLIP 4 - CLIP 5 - CLIP 6 - CLIP 7

Tonight we were awarded:
3rd Drumcorp
2nd Flute Corp
3rd Bass Drum
3rd Big Blood n Thunder (joint)
3rd Color Party
1st Style and Apprearance

Our own band paraded with 6 of a colour party, 1 drum major, 11 drummers, 4 bass drummers, 24 flautists and marshalls. A fair turnout 4 days after the Belfast 12th so well done our members for making the effort.

Tonight i thought we played very well. We started the night of with a slower pace than normal but when the new tunes were called i felt we picked it up and got that little bit better. The new bass drum causing the usual headaches but with time it will be ok. I enjoyed the parade tonight which starts the 2nd half of the marching season.

Well done Shankill star.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman