Skeogh Flute Band parade - 7/05/10

We headed to Dromore tonight to support the very well respected Skeogh Flute Band.

We have been trying to attend this parade for years and it turned out to be a very enjoyable parade. Tonight 46 bands attended which is a great turnout. Among those bands were the Mourne Young Defenders, Pride of the Raven, Ballinran, Pride of Knockmore, Clogher Protestant Boys, and the Kilclunney Volunteers. Ballykeel LSOU were playing very well, they are a great outfit.

Its a short parade in Dromore and it flowed very well. The back road part of the route is a good spot for bands to test some of their new tunes, which we done ourselves.

One thing i noticed about tonight was the many familys out to watch the parade which is always a good thing. There was a good feeling about the place with the crowds around the square as always giving the bands encouragement. The volume of the bands in and around the square is defeaning at times. The spectators certainly get their moneys worth at this spot.

Here is a clip of the band in action:

Tonight we were awarded:
2nd B&T Drum Corp
2nd Flute corp
2nd Style & Appearance
2nd Best Overall

Our own band paraded with 7 of a colour party, 1 drum major, 13 drummers, 2 bass drummers, 32 flautists and marshalls. We are getting sharper every week.

Well done to Skeogh Flute band, thanks for the invite.

John Keenan
East Belfast Protestant Boys Flute Band Chairman