Rear View of JacketFront View of JacketThe present uniform design was solely the mindset of the band itself. Below are photographs and some information about our current uniform.

The decision to pick the white trousers was talked about some years ago, but the idea kept coming up every time when discussions surrounding getting a new uniform, this time there was no turning back and we went for it.

The initial reaction from the general public was a bit mixed, including some bands members had their doubts about these new trousers but now it is by far the best decision that the band has made and we certainly feel that this was not a mistake in making this bold move. The white trousers are smart and a big asset to the band. They definitely look the part and contributes to the bands style and appearance greatly.

Back in July of 2005 we decided to unleash another new pair of trousers to get people talking; we decided to go with light blue trousers to match our cuffs, collar and wings of our band jacket.
Our Light Blue TrousersOur White TrousersOur Navy Trousers
Personally I think they look well and its nice to see peoples reactions to them and I know many people think the white trousers are the best pair but I feel our new light blues will grow on people.

The jackets where also a big talking point regarding the amount of braiding and bits and bobs that could become a mistake but we are glad to say that the band where pleased with the final outcome of the jackets.

The hats are all white with a Young Citizen Volunteers cap badge above the peak.

Today’s uniforms are certainly not cheap, the total cost of this uniform has now risen to around £23,000, so this is a massive burden on any band and indeed this has been made available by a lot of fundraising which the band tries to put a lot of work at to keep the cost down to each member.

Our Peak HatOur Peak HatEach member is also expected to keep his uniform in a high standard of cleanness, we take great pleasure in turning up for every parade clean and tidy, we are a band who are respectful of our founder members and we are keeping their tradition going on as best as we possibly can.